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Paperless Writing Assignments in Blackboard Paperless Writing Assignments in Blackboard

I can remember the days of carrying an old milk crate full of my student's papers home for a weekend full grading essays. For those of you teaching hybrid or online courses within Blackboard, the days are  marking up page after page with red pen and yellow highlighter are over. Creating Assignments within a Blackboard course and having your students submit a Word or PDF document allows the use of Inline Grading. Inline Assignment Grading within Blackboard simplifies writing assignments for faculty. Instead of needing to download student-submitted files to view or edit those submissions, instructors can now see those files “inline,” i.e. in the web browser. Annotation tools also enable instructors to provide feedback—comments, highlights, and even drawing, directly on the inline view of the document. Faculty can download the original student file as well as the marked up version, saved in PDF format. Inline Grading eliminates the need to download and open every student’s submission and then save and re-upload, making the workflow fast and convenient. Below we have created a Tegrity Recording of this weeks eHow and also provide a link to an FAQ with a step-by-step guide for Inline Assignment Grading:


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2015-11-12 19:08

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