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Bruce Tenison presenting for Cullman City Schools

Cullman City Hosts Technology Visit

Each beat commands the heart to inflate and deflate as it delivers lifeblood to every cell in the human body. Spin the heart around for a closer look at each chamber, the aorta, the awesome construction. This three-dimensional splendor is what students in Cullman City Schools may one day enjoy as they learn about heart anatomy.

ASU hosts eLearning Symposium

Athens State University played host Thursday to the second annual Alabama Community College System eLearning Symposium.

In the beginning, there was…Bruce

Dr. Suhana Chikatla joined us in December of 2010. She received her Ph.D. in instructional design and developement from the University of South Alabama in 2010. She has embraced the role of Instructional Designer at WSCC and encourages anyone needing assistance with Blackboard, whether it be technically, aesthetically or with content development to make an appointment.